My First Official Web Page

An Exercise Combining Music, Art, & Technology

Welcome to my homepage! I've tried to create websites that are both informative and visually entertaining, to go with an overall MUSIC and PERFORMING ARTS theme. Please surf through these pages, and enjoy the ride!!

My 1st Web Design Class: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced HTML
Eff. Web Design Class


1- My First Homework Assignments: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced HTML.
Class Due Date Subject My Objectives
1st 03/03/01 Song
"The Rose"

We'd learned basics on text alignment and colors. I wanted to create a rainbow effect with the text, using a black backround for extra contrast.

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2nd 03/10/01 "The Rose"
"The Bait" by John Donne

view a poem Along with more sophisticated use of fonts and colors, I experimented with links and the horizontal rule. I chose to continue with my ROSE page, this time using shades of pink and purple, and I linked it to a famous love poem.

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3rd 03/17/01 "The Rose"
Bette Midler

Check my Bette Midler site It was a natural progression to expand THE ROSE once again and link it to Bette Midler. Along with expanding on links, this concentrates on using lists. Bette Midler is a "lists" natural. I had the most fun here playing with graphics, and creating my own artwork. Can you guess which images are mine? (Hint: I used the microsoft paint program).

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4th 03/24/01 Stephen Sondheim,





go to SONDHEIM This uses navigation within each site, links all 3, and contains links to related sites, along with tables, and both background and foreground images. Previous web design elements have been continued, along with an E-mail link. I finally abandoned "The Rose" for my favorite contemporary musical theater composer, a "tables" natural.

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5th 04/07/01 My Theater Resume


"Music On Tour"


go to Music On Tour This concentrates on TABLES. The resume portion uses conventional tables with headings & multiple rows and columns. My use of the theater allows me more artistic license than would more business- oriented resumes. The 2nd Table is nested. It's tailor-made to describe my cabaret group, allowing me to combine both text and images to form a logo.

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Part 2

04/11/01 A Birthday Card

go to birthday card This wasn't really an assignment. The due date represents my husband's birthday. I'm including it here to show the versatility of a table. I think it makes a great custom- made card!

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6th 04/21/01 "Music On Tour"



and a Form

go to Music On Tour's Homepage Once again, I used my cabaret group, "Music On Tour", as my subject. This site includes background,history, individual biographies, a photo montage, and a re-designed group logo. It also includes a questionnaire. Hope you like this for its informativeness and for it's unifying colors and images. I also included a version for browsers without the capability of reading frames.

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7th 04/28/01 My Updated Theater Resume

using Cascading Style Sheets

& Javascript Pop-Up Windows

go to my newly improved resume I was glad to be able to revisit my 5th assignment, revamping my ''Theater Resume" by using the Cascading Style Sheet. I also added another Music On Tour page as a Javascript Pop-Up Window. I took the opportunity to tie this in to my Music On Tour Site, using the same fonts and backgrounds. I think this resume is a vast improvement over the 1st in its clarity of design. What do you think?

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8th 04/28/01

or later

A Pre-Designed Homepage
With Cut-Up Graphics Pieced Back Together
by Using Tables

go to the puzzle pieces homepage This was actually an exercise for the final class. The problem: Put the pieces of a website "puzzle" back together again by re-organizing the graphic "pieces", using tables, and including links. A fitting final challenge (with a tribute enclosed).

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2- My "Effective Web Pages Class" Final Homework Assignment
Class Due Date Subject My Objectives
Developing Effective Web Pages


(Note: the previous assignments were done for my first Web Design class, "Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced HTML". This assignment was done for a class taken over 1 year later).

Lindenhurst Library Website

I created a partly fictitious site. All of the links and pages were never completed since the main objective was to establish a clear and consistent design that would make the site both attractive and functional. We therefore focused on design, not content. I had the most fun here creating my own menu buttons with rollovers, all of which retained the site's basic red, white and blue colors. I also enjoyed the challenge of presenting a large amount of information as simply and logically as possible. Trying to balance logic and art is perhaps the biggest challenge the web designer faces!

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