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I'm thrilled to announce that I currently have 4 CDs, all of which are available for purchase.

On October 7, 2005 I completed my first CD, entitled "Colored Lights". It contains 12 cuts, and in the spirit of many of the shows I do that I say run the gamut "From Belting Broadway to Soulful Jazz", it's a true composite of a variety of song styles, with music that I love and that my audiences have counted among their favorites.

Nevertheless, since my act is always progressing, not too long after releasing my 1st CD I began to perform many songs that hadn't been included on my "Colored Lights" CD , and many audience members began to make specific requests for a new CD that would contain these "new" songs. Therefore, in September of 2006 I completed CD number 2. Appropriately, I entitled it "Special Requests". It contains 14 songs, once again running the gammut of musical styles. And, I'm happy to say, it's been selling like hotcakes!

Now, about my 3rd and 4th CDs; I'm excited to say that I have been writing and performing many of my original songs, with very enthusiastic audience reactions. And many people have been asking me to release them on a CD. I've written and copyrighted 25 songs, and effective January, 2009 I released CDs 3 and 4. Every song on each is an original, with both words and music by Naomi Zeitlin. "Never Too Late" contains 12 songs, and "The Color of Your Dreams" contains 13. In the future, I will be including both music bytes and lyrics for my original songs on this page, so please stay tuned!

Meanwhile, included on this page are some excerpts from CDs 1 and 2. Please click on any of the titles below to get a taste of both. And please click here if you are interested in buying any of my CDs.

In addition to song bytes from my CDs, I've included on this page a videotape.

On July 4, 2009 I performed at a private party and one of the guests asked if he could videotape me leaning on his Citroen while singing "La Vie En Rose". He did so and posted it on Youtube. This is an unrehearsed, unamplified, a capella performance.

"Colored Lights"

1. You Make Me Feel So Young

2. Nice 'N Easy

3. The Man That Got Away

4. Es Mentiroso

5. Time After Time

6. Colored Lights

7. Evenin'


"Special Requests"

1. Route 66

2. A Quiet Thing

3. Music Of the Night

4. Wind Beneath My Wings

5. Cry Me A River

6. Moon River

7. Big Time

8. Time To Say Goodbye

Videotape from Youtube of me singing "La Vie En Rose"


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